10 Reasons Why You Should Be A UNILAG Student

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Happy New Month Great Akokite!!!

I'm an Akokaite and a proud one too! *flips dirt off my shoulders* Yes my UNILAG is not perfect,yet, I love her in all her imperfect glory.UNILAG students are particularly treated with a peculiar deference due to people's respect and perception of us(even our arch haters will agree with this...you know yourselves!

Wondering why? Let me fill you in on 10 of those reasons here on this space:

1. My UNILAG is the school of first choice and the nation's pride
Call me smug or conceited but you will agree that I am reasonably so because I don't attend no last resort school! Over the years statistics shows that UNILAG was the most preferred institution of choice for UTME candidates not that alone UNILAG is the first ever university in the world to produce two graduating student with a CGPA of 5.0/5.0(hope you haven't forgotten sha??). You know that way you rejoice when u see your name on UNILAG admission list na..........WAWU

2. We've got the REP!
And years of deference to show for it too! Step out with a UNILAG certificate and you'll know what I mean. We get concession above all others because our certificate echoes tonnes. And before any of you haters scream that we are all about 'pomp&pageantry' and no intellectual prowess, let me assure you that our reputation is built on the proven realities of our outstanding performance in the corporate world. Our alumni are industry leaders and pioneers in charting new horizons of advancement in their various career paths.

3. The Perfect Blend And Balance
Beyond academic enlightenment, beyond the classes and schoolwork, UNILAG offers you a plethora of options to cool-off when the academic atmosphere gets too tense. You can step out of a class and right into a concert,a comedy-rave,a religious meet,a party,a seminar,a workshop, etc. We are neverSHORT on events,gigs and thrills. For those who kissed TRUMP 1.0 make sure you don't miss SQUEEZE OO

4. Plug Into An Amazing Information Network
When it comes to being informed and having access to latest information as they break,we rule the rooster. From events to opportunities to gadgets to careers, we are the destination for corporate organisations and companies partnership as well as product introduction. We students also keep one another informed about existing opportunities. Check UNILAGHAPPEN for the latest scholarships and opportunities.

5. Opportunities Abound 
With access to a wide range of information,the choice is yours to pick whatever opportunities you desire for your development. You can also start-off your own business if you so please and you will be sure to get your market amongst your circle of friends, your classmates and all their friends and extended friends. Plus you have other entrepreneurs right there in school to assist you with survival tips for your business. Don't be surprised if you make your first million here. UNILAG does not just shut you out from the rest of the world behind the four walls of academics, it brings the world to you.

6. You Can Spread Your Wings! Be You! 
I'm proud to be in a school where diversity is embraced. From jerks,to nerds,to geeks,to hotties,to hunks, belles, blokes, and the list goes on and on. You can still be you and fit in. There's space for everyone to carve their niche and unleash their essence. This also makes for a beautiful blend of variety. I bet there is no UNILAG Student without a crazy friend and also a serious friend

7. Amazing Friends & Personalities 
There's a popular belief that friends college friends are usually your friends forever. Well this is absolutely true. In UNILAG, once you find your niche and unleash your essence, you will definitely attract like-minds and develop some really cool relationships(friendship romantic). If your are an explorer who is willing to go out of your comfort zone and embrace diversity, you will have a great time exploring all the unique personalities that you can possibly encounter, expanding you life experience and enriching your life as well. And you will have a ball seeing life through other very unique points of view.

8. Cool Eating & Hang-Out Spots 
If you like the outdoors, we've got you covered! If you prefer a cosy indoor space,you got nothing to worry about. We've got a coffee shop, Chinese Restaurants, fast food joint,Love garden,parks, and the legendary Lagoon Front which is very good for a picnic. And the cuisine available to us range from continental to open grills to baked goods to the very local dishes. You can sate yourself with any of the choice servings.

9. FreeFASHION Tips Right In Their Elements
Fashions trends are started and popularised in UNILAG. If you are uncertain about what to wear or how to combine and spice up an attire, take a stroll through campus and your head will be bursting with ideas in all their shapes,colors,fabrics, designs and styles. That little scarf at the bottom of your box, you will find good use for it; thatVINTAGE SHOE you bought on the spot are unsure about what to do with it, you will get your lecture on what to do with it right there on the streets of UNILAG.

10. Accolades, Awards and Recognitions abound as testimonies...need I say more?!!!
After achieving all this great virtues, the best part to enjoy most is the Dinner and Award Night. This is event is organized by most department and faculty in UNILAG to crown the excellent performance by exceptional students.

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