Nollywood Actress Doris Simeon Join Lagosians in A Walk Against Rape (See Video)

The fight against Rape has been a struggle for all nations in the world. Occasionally, activists from different part of the world create  movement against rape, and encourage rape victims to report their offender to the appropriate authorities.It is reported that over one in three women had experienced a Sexual assault and that only 6% of Sexual assaults were reported to the police. That is why this movement is made to create awareness to rape victims.
This is also the case in Nigeria. Statistics shows that between 11 and 55% of Nigerian female child most especially adolescent are victims of rape. Today at LTV  (Walk Against Rape) had an awareness walk on rape. The aim of this movement is to bring awareness to the government to take strick measures on the punishment for rape and public that rape is a crime and females suffer in silence. They also encourage rape victims to speak up so that the offenders will be brought to justice, and thereby setting examples for others.

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