Watch The Video Of The Nigerian Man Who Discovers 32-Year-Old Son’ Isn’t His Child. As He Wept Bitterly


A Nigerian father was left heartbroken after discovering the son he has raised for 32 years isn't related to him.

Oscar and his son Valentine appeared on Jeremy Kyle after Valentine's mother said there was a chance Oscar may not be his biological father.

In a tense episode of the ITV programme, Jeremy is seen saying to the two men: 'The DNA test results show that Oscar is not your biological father.' Oscar is seen wailing in despair as he says to Jeremy: 'He's not my son?'. Jeremy responds by saying: 'There's a no per cent chance he's your son', while Valentine remains speechless.

Oscar paid for Valentine to come over to England from Nigeria, and 'put him through school' here in Britain.

Later on in the show, Jeremy was seen comforting Oscar by saying: 'Being a dad isn’t about being blood-related. It takes a man to look after a kid.' Viewers described the episode as the 'saddest ending ever' for the show. 
One person, named Amy, tweeted: 'My heart is breaking for this man. Someone please hug him. Bless his heart.' Another Twitter user said: 'Saddest ending of Jeremy Kyle eve

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