Affinity for that Material by Ifedayo Oluseye

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At the 21st century people's urge for material things has increased beyond reasonable doubts. The desire to get the things we want these days has led us to do things that are unimaginable, unnatural, inhuman and most especially things that are offensive to the laws of nature. Given the fact that to posses any of these materials money is required and money well, it's not something you come across easy which brings us to the point of the matter which says 'people will do anything to get money'. Today we have vampires(thieves) in every corner of planet earth. We have these vampires in various institutions including the Government itself. It's now a regular character for most people to play dirty just to get what they want, but what they failed to recognize is the unworthy and shame that comes with it. The worthy way of doing things has a particular element which 'patience'. While being patient, one is expected to work truthfully at their best and be hopeful towards achieving their dreams. The lack of patience and hope for big dreams has prompted people to look the other way,  by doing things with no integrity and remorse. Where does this leave us in the world today? People can no longer trust each other or believe in one another, why?  We need to look back within ourselves and realize that the is built on love, trust and principles. Our footsteps define who we are,  what imprint are you leaving.

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