Governors are mismanaging Paris Club funds – Shehu Sani

Governors are mismanaging Paris Club funds – Shehu Sani
The Senate Committee Chairman on Local & Foreign Debts, Senator Shehu Sani has said that the Paris club refunds to States has become a bazar to States governors who could not manage loans and debt they have collected.
The Senator who represents Kaduna Central said governors are now in control of the “largesse.”
The Senator who addressed a group of professional Women during a courtesy said,” the Paris club is been shared to states without any mechanism to ensure transparency and accountability.”
The senate which is suppose to perform an oversight function over the funds has been completely excluded from the knowledge and activities of how such funds are been disburse.
According to him, “States government have strangulated themselves with debt in the last 17 years that does not commiserate with the amount of money been given to them,” Sani said.
Senator Shehu Sani who warns strongly, ”No states governor has the moral right to criticise President Buhari. We thank God for Buhari for tolerating their critism. And those who want to criticise Buhari should also have a heart of taking critism.
“All part of the Country must work toward generating revenue not relying on the Federal Government allocation towards.
“The degradation and impoverision in the Niger Delta is the highest collosal of injustices that is going on in that region,” Sani said.
He aslo accused the Northern leaders of not laying a good foundation for the north adding, even those who have oil blocks are using it for themselves and their family members.
“If Saudauna of Sokoto has the mindset of setting up NNDC a multinational Company with and investment in Hotels, Agriculture and banking institutions could have been well funded for it to serve as a beacon of development to northern Nigeria.
The Senator advised, “For the north to move forward, the north must be demonised for intolerance to strenghten the unity within ourselves either you are a Christian or a Muslim stressing, is unfair to treat others as outcast we must consolidate on our already existence as a People.
“We must invest in agriculture and in manufacturing. Nigeria must have a commercial outpost outlet that will export our goods yo South Korea, China, India amongst other nations,” Shehu Sani maintained.
Reacting on the educational system in Nigeria, He said, “Most of the free education formula by government is simply deceptive. A free education that has no quality is no free at all. The political elits have been deceiving Nigerians; they will tell you they have funded the hospitals to a standard and no attendant, so also the Schools to world standard and their Children dont attend that School.”
According to him, “Women hold the key to counsel the Young ones and 30 percent of the Paris funds should be giving to the Women.”

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