How You Can Help Your Children Follow The Growth Pattern Of Jesus

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Every reasonable parent surely desires children that would make them proud and happy in life. And the easiest way you can have children who will grow into responsible and successful adults in life, is to instill the fear of God in them right from childhood. 

When a youth have the fear of God, he/she shuns wrong things that might soil the parent's names, but indulges in good and productive things that will make them happy and proud (Read Genesis 39)

Jesus has been in existence right from the foundations of the world (Revelation Chapter One Verse Eight) Then he decided coming to the world to die for man's sins and save us from hell. He was divinely placed in Mary's womb, and came into this world like every other baby. 

Despite being God in man, when He was still a Young Boy, He grew in the will of God. Despite growing around other kids that could have corrupted Him and made Him deviate from the Purpose of God for His life, He still followed God's Will accordingly, and guess what, He was successful!!

Do you also want your children to be God-fearing and successful in life despite how corrupt many young ones are today? Then do these:

- Lead your children to Jesus Christ at the very earliest stages of their lives. 

- Teach them the Word of God regularly.

- Always remind them of the Word Of God again and again, alongside the consequences of going against the Word. Also keep reminding them of the blessings associated with doing the will of God. 

- You yourself needs to be a God-fearing born again Christian. Children prefers to follow examples than words. Your children are looking at you. 

- Pray for them regularly, and always pray at home. 

- Try to provide for their necessary needs so they won't want to venture into ungodly things just to get what they want. 

- Take them regularly with you to Church and other good Christian gatherings. The tendencies are high that they would live to practice what they have learnt from childhood. 

- Always discipline them appropriately when due. 

God will use our young ones for His Own Glory in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

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