Just Before We Wish Buhari Death By Festus Ogun (EYES OF LAGOS)


The rate at which our people are moving from mountains to campgrounds in prayer; wishing their President urgent death is very shocking and disappointing. Truly, President Buhari is very sick and he's receiving treatments abroad. But, the question that has been troubling my mind is that, when one's relative is not feeling too well, do we pray he dies, irrespective of any reason whatsoever?

At this critical stage, I believe many Nigerians are praying for his death, not because they wish to but for the fact that they are just fed up of the Buhari led 'regime'. Many have turned to prayer-warriors because of the frustration caused by governmental recklessness. But, even while we are frustrated and get emotional, should our logical and critical thoughts get beclouded?

Falling ill is human. Human beings are mortal being capable of being sick. There hasn't been any man  that has never been on sickbed in his lifetime. Due to whatever reason or cause, we have once in our lives fallen sick at a time or the other. So, the uproar that comes forth because of Buhari's health status shouldn't have been a very big an issue. Just because he's a president, he shouldn't fall sick again? Is he not human?

I understand the fact that Former President Yaradua's story is still very fresh in our collective memory, maybe that's the cause of our fear. But, this is Buhari and not Yaradua. What happened to Yaradua may not necessarily be the same to Buhari.

I understand quite perfectly that many of us want Buhari to leave this terrible world because we think 'he's the cause of our suffering'.  Many perceive Buhari to be an enemy that  brought hardship to Nigeria, so they believe that once he dies, things will probably be in order. However, the questions we must ask ourselves are:

Will his death solve the problems on ground?

Who says when he dies, things will go fine?

Is death the solution to any man's problem?

And infact, who says Buhari is the cause of our problems?

Look, our death wishes for him points out the fact that we have lost our values as a people and our cultural practices are fast fading. As a people, our eyes of critical thinking and ethics have been blinded by our emotions and 'politically biased' minds. We no more have shame. We are too proud and bold to utter uncultured statements. Additionally, we still wear our uncultured garment of attitude all around in pride. This is worrisome!

Our death wishes for Buhari showcases the level at which we are inhumane to our fellow humans - man inhumanity to man. Little wonder why news of committed atrocities cannot go a day without been broadcast in news. The humanity spirit we once had is already awaiting us in hell - it has died for long. If not, why should you pray that a fellow man should die? Is that not too inhumane and brutal of you?

Notwithstanding all these, I must also mention here that the government and its leaders are also responsible, in part, for this kind of gutter attitude displayed by the citizens. If the government was to be caring about citizens' welfare, will the citizens curse him so much as this? Obviously, no man will bite the finger that feeds him. On the other hand, every man will not hesitate to cut away - and even chew -  the finger that steals the food meant for him.

This government of ours doesn't give a damn about the citizens. They care less about whether the citizens are dead or alive. The government is very much useless like the 'P' in 'psychology'. Maybe that's why the citizens also give 'I-dont-care' and hostile attitudes toward the death of their leaders.

Just before I give my conclusion, let me quickly remind and encourage the President  that our law gives room for resignation where one is or appears to be medically unfit. It is no do or die affair. I need to state this because the task of leading a country needs physically and medically fit minds. So, if it appears to him that his health status will not give him the opportunity to continue with his duty, it is better for him to step down than die in power. Sadly, he might not heed to this advice for man loves power.

In all, I am of the humble view that wishing or praying that Buhari should die isn't the best option. It is inhumane of us. For his death won't bring the expected salvation. The government must equally be more active in their leadership roles at this juncture.

I pray for his quick recovery.

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