Man Beaten By Police In Lagos Lands In Hospital (Photos)

This issue happened to my friend's uncle, he was brutalised by the police last week , without commiting any offense, ...

It happened thus when he was coming from work on Ikorodu road in his car, a bikeman drove dangerously in front of him and he pressed the brake so as not to cause an accident, unknowingly to him, some policemen coming the same way on a bike, stopped their bike and came to him asking why he stopped that does he want to injure them?

He explained to them Why he stopped, but before he could land they dragged him out of the car and gave him serious beating, broke his nose, teeth and even his lips, as I'm typing, the man is currently in the hospital, the case has been taken up by some of his family members , as they've contacted some human right lawyers to fight this injustice coming from those who are supposed to keep to law and order in this country.....the pictures of how he was brutalised is attached below.

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