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Celebrated musician and rapper, Ice Prince is in a world of his own having benefitted from good relationships and great partnership. Off his contract with Chocolate City Music, the Aboki crooner has created his own imprint, Super Cool Cats and is now charting his course. PanshakZamani (his real name) who dropped ‘Jos2TheWorld’ album, spoke to SAMUEL ABULUDE on his movie, relationship status among other issues.
Last year you unveiled your own record label, Super Cool Cats, how has it been since then?
It has been good and I am still in the process of putting the artistes together. I announced last year that I have my own platform called Super Cool Cat. Putting things together is not going to be an overnight thing, so we are taking our time to do things well. I have some artistes that I want to introduce into the industry.
You have been off the music scene for a while now, what is going on?
I have been working. I just dropped a song recently titled, No Mind Them.
You have also delved into movie making?
Yes, I am working a movie and we intend releasing it later this year. The movie is about my story which I tagged, ME vs ME. It is my rags to riches story of how Ice Prince came down to Lagos from Jos following his brother, MI to do music. It is a movie produced by Gbenro Ajibade. I chose Gbenro because I believe in him a lot. I believe in his talent and creativity. He has an amazing spirit. He has originality and he brings honest vibes to the table. I sit down and discuss with him how we are going to go about it.
In selecting the casts for the movie, what did you look out for?
It was literally people that I know are my friends, people that have talents, people that know my story a little bit and can tell my story without faking it. So, a lot of people that you are going to see on the movie are actually people that are already in the game of acting, professional and stuffs like that. Gbenro will tell us if there will be a part two of the movie. There is a culture we don’t really have in Nigeria. Artistes don’t tell their stories. If you go to other countries like UK, USA, South Africa and some other countries, artistes tell the story of their lives through movies. It is not all about singing songs all the time. So for me, I am trying to take it up from there, I am trying to inspire a lot of people to tell the story of their lives through movies.
How is acting like for you?
I have acted before so it is not really new to me. It is still going on. It’s quite hectic because I am not an actor. But by God’s grace we are on it. There are no plans for me to go into the movie fully. Music and movies are both arts and you will see me express myself from time to time but I’m majorly a musician.
We have seen cases where celebrities swap from one brand ambassador to the other; do we expect such from Ice Prince?
No, you don’t expect such from me. Even before signing the deal, the drink has always been my favourite drink. I am excited to be a part of the brand. I do not intend to be teased by money or anything. I am like a family with D’usse, and I have a relationship with them, it is an amazing opportunity. I am a big fan of the drink and it feels good turning your favourite drink into your official drink. It feels good to be a part of the family.
What new thing are you bringing towards pushing the brand?
A lot of things, watch out for that. I am putting my name hard work and a lot of things on it.
How doesit feel like working with Roc Nation?
It is a good thing to be on that platform, I love them and they are my family already. They do a lot of things for me without me even being there. I have worked with a lot of people there from Briant Bee-High Briggs, Jay Z. They show me so much love. They do things for me even without being there as an artiste. They do a lot of things for me outside of contract. I love and respect them a lot. I am not yet under any contract with them. They are like a family to me, for example I am not under any contract with Marvin but they do a lot for me. Don Jazzy does stuffs for Ice Prince.
Is there a plan of working with Roc Nation?
They are very good but if there is any need for us to sign a contract, we will do that. Like I said, I don’t need to sign a contract for them before they do stuffs for me, they have been nice to me. Our own content is going global, my record label, Super Cool Cats can be the next Roc Nation. Just give us time.
Do you have any female artiste in you record label?
I have a lady in my record label and luckily for me, she is not that expensive. She is just on her own, no make-up and flashy wears. She is just cool. But still the case, female artistes are more expensive to handle. But when you take time and spend on them, you will enjoy it.
How has your relationship with Chocolate city been since you left?
The relationship has been the same thing. I promise you on my parents’ grave, my relationship with them is beyond music and contract. We have known ourselves before music, so it is not music that brought us together. MI’s parents are still the same, we are family beyond music. If you think I am lying, go and ask them, they are my biological brothers.
When is Ice Prince getting married?
Well I don’t know, I am still in my youth. I am still trying to put my life together and settle with myself before I will think of taking care of a woman. Right now I am still putting my life together.
Is there anybody in the picture?
I am still single. I am taking my time.
Tell us the story of Maima Nkewa?
She was my girlfriend; we are just taking a break.
What happened between you and DJ Cuppy?
She has always been my friend. She is one of the people that lead me to Roc Nation; she instigated my relationship with the record label. She was working with Bee-High at the time. She has always been my friend.
What has been the challenges working with a brand like D’usse?
The challenge is that my whole villages are calling me asking for money. (He laughs)
When are we expecting another hit from you?
This year, you are going to see a lot of music from me; I am working on my third album with lots of videos. I want to put out more music.
What are your thoughts on the music industry?
It can only get better. Our music has really gone global and we are now the toast of the western world. Creativity is the order of the day as our music is already attracting foreign investment. Music has gone digital and Nigerian musicians are pushing their works and doing more collaborations that we were not doing before.
How was the valentine celebration for you?
I celebrated it with my son. I have a four-year-old son.
What else should we expect from Ice Prince?
People should watch out for my movie with Gbenro Ajibade. They should also watch out for my book titled ‘the Nigerian dream’ coming out soon. The book was written by another actor but it is still my story. For some of my fans who like reading, they should read about me through the book. People who don’t want to read can watch the movie.

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