Reno Omokri suffering from nostalgia of Jonathan’s bazaar era – VON DG

 Okechukwu, on Saturday fired back at Mr. Reno Omokri, an ex-aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan, over his recent verbal attacks on President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Director General of the Voice of Nigeria,

In Reno’s recent statement, he had asked Buhari to be a ‘ceremony president’ and allow his Vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo perform the duties of the President, especially in relation to the economy.

However, in an interview on Saturday, the VON DG said Reno had actually shown that he was a non-democrat, who was suffering from the bazaar era of former President Jonathan.

He said, “I have my sympathy for Reno; he was one of the greatest beneficiaries of Jonathan’s bazaar; he lost the bazaar but he still remembers the bumper years of sharing budget fund.

“I see him as one suffering from the nostalgia of a bazaar era; now he is in the fridge, he has to see everybody as enemy; we don’t expect anything different from what he is doing.

“He was in the publicity team of Jonathan; now that the bazaar has collapsed, he resorted to throwing stones.

“From his latest statement, we can even see that he is not a democrat; he would have known that we have nothing like acting President in Nigeria’s Constitution.”

On President Buhari’s return, Okechukwu said God had shown rumour mongers that death and life belonged to him.

“We thank God so much; for us in the Christiandon, we have a song that “He gathers whole world in His hands”; so we rely on Him, every one of us.

“If we want to be honest, we have our own drugs in our hands; some are carrying drugs for hypertension, some for diarrhea, ‎diabetes, constant malaria, some for cancer; it’s only God that keeps us alive.

“President Buhari is not the person that is sick; so, we pray to God to guide and keep him.

“We need him in this country because even though we all believe in the sovereignty of this country, he epitomizes it. His being alive will strengthen democracy, strengthen the unity and progress on the country”, he stated.

Meanwhile, ‎the Buhari Support Organization, (BSO) Enugu State Chapter, has also expressed delight over the President’s return.

In a statement by ‎its Publicity Secretary‎, Eze Chibueze, ‎the BSO thanked the Almighty God for his return, stating that “it has reinforced our infinite confidence in Almighty God, the one in his hands the world rests. And on the worldly sphere his return has put an end to unwarranted suspense, anxiety and all manner of rumours from traducers some of whom wished him dead.”

“BSO Enugu State in league with patriots and well meaning Nigerians had maintained that the life of any of us rests squarely in the hands of God.

“We subscribe to the ageless folklore which posits a scenario that while women in the village were anxiously waiting for the old dry tree to fall in the harmattan, to be used as firewood, year in and year out the harmattan came and went, the old tree stood its ground whereas the fresh young trees fell with the rain.

“In sum, we pray that Mr President reflects the old tree cited above so that the quiet Buhari revolution aimed at laying a solid foundation for a transparent, prosperous and progressive Nigeria will be consummated”, the group further stated.

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