Consequences by Sophie Lawal

Recently, i noticed something that i do overlook so well, guess what? It put me in deep trouble and it took me a really good time to get the thing straight. An acquaintance of mine told me that, and i was like oohh... How come??? No one knows. 

Then, i went home sat down, took a proper look at my surroundings, i really kept my hears down and scrutinised with my eye, Alas! It's so real and true it happens every where, not to cover up, i do overlook things but it haven't gotten to the extent of what i saw while i stayed low, looked around and listen.

I learnt from my personal experience as not to overlook things, but i never thought people really faced for real, and it's rampant not just something minor, but thinking of it, i knew it's something we think we could fight or things we don't bother to look back at why?? Simple, cause we feel it doesn't matter.

Why would we feel the need of pulling something back or sticking that file back stuck it underneath cause you feel its not needed Yet?? Word that's supposed to be spoken now and forgotten, why delay then forget?

It shouldn't be so you know, even if you going to be blamed for something, why not get blamed now, cause if you like it or not the past would still come calling, and it would be louder than how it was supposed to be, it would in a force that could push you away or pick you up, depends on how you want it to be, depends on the way you want to write your story and how??

Any decisions made today they is always a consequence for it whether you want or like it or not, it doesn't care who you are or what you are, it would come striking like lightning bolt. It would strike like and you would be like what am i going to do?? But before then why not do the proper thing now before the consequences comes.

One thing is consequences doesn't come likely it our deed of today that brings the joyful sound of tomorrow, let's make our today great and not let tommorow hunt us down.

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