Herdsmen Attack: End Killings In North Central, PMB Urged

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The Tiv Diaspora Forum, an amalgamation of Tiv sons and daughters residing outside Benue, have decided to joined voices with their kit and kin and all well-meaning Nigerians, to condemn the recurring assaults on farming communities across Nigeria by armed  herdsmen.
In a statement jointly signed by Prof. Joseph T. Zume (USA),Engr. Lord M. Uva (USA )Son Kai Gyoh (Ph.D.) (United Kingdom and Ireland),the group noted that they were particularly disturbed by the frequency,  the geographic scope, and  the sophistication of these violent operations.
The group observed that if the government does not tackle the herdsmen problem, Nigeria could well be sitting on a time bomb with potential for a catastrophic regional humanitarian crisis. It pointed that  the herdsmen situation is bound to result to a proliferation of arms among communities with dangerous and long term consequences.
The statement reads in part “How is it that the herdsmen have become so emboldened, waging their attacks freely and with military grade assault rifles, yet, not one herdsman gets arrested, talk less prosecuted?  “As patriotic Nigerians, we feel a sense of duty to advise the Buhari government  as a matter of national security, disarm the criminal herdsmen and their accomplices.
“In the short term, deploy appropriate and adequate security personnel to affected communities with clear mandates to secure and protect the local communities.  Address with urgency, the humanitarian crisis that has been created by the invasion and destruction of communities in the Benue valley, including those of the Tiv in Taraba, Nasarawa and Benue States, that have been the greatest victims of herdsmen atrocities,’ It stated.

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