Man Caught on Camera Lifting Iron Weight Using Only His Teeth (Video)


A really incredible video has emerged on social media showing an amateur Nigerian weightlifter using only his teeth to lift a heavy load.
The clip starts with the man bending over and biting the metal barbell at his home.
He takes a moment to ensure his grip is correct before quickly shifting into a kneeling position.
The man then climbs up to his feet with the heavy weights still held by his teeth.
If that was not enough, he then dips down to pick up a breezeblock with one hand.
He then performs a series of squats holding onto the block, while gripping the barbell in his teeth.
At the end of the video he can be seen opening his mouth and dropping the weights onto the floor.
He groans with exhaustion as the bar and weights smash to the ground – revealing how heavy they are.
The man claims he’s been performing the stunt for many years but his friends never believed him so he posted the video online.
Watch the below:

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