Traders Lament Erratic Power Supply At UTC Market

Traders at the popular UTC Market, located at Area 10 in Garki are presently going through one of the worse period in their business, due to erratic supply of electricity to the area.
Investigation  revealed that many of the traders, who are mostly into printing, publishing and other forms of businesses, are being made to idle away, from morning to evening in the area, because the supply of electricity is no longer anything to write home about.One of the traders, Emeka Eze told our correspondent that the erratic nature of electricity supply to UTC Market has worsened the unemployment problems of the country, because many youths who use to conduct printing and publishing businesses are now out of jobs.
“You can see how people are sitting idle in the market, as a result of lack of electricity supply. This ugly trend has continued for about one month now. The effect of this is many youths have been kept out of their jobs in the market, he said.
Another trader, Kayode Lawal noted that the situation was made worse by lack of alternative power supply, such as generators in the market and called on relevant government agencies to intervene.
Lawal however expressed the fear that if the situation is allowed to continue, some youths might be tempted to commit crime, in their efforts to fence for themselves and their families.
The traders also used the opportunity to call on Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) to increase their supply of electricity to the market to avoid the collapse of many businesses.

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