2Friendz signs with Qiriwire(R) [@2friendzCeleboi]

The rapper/singer "2 Friendz" recently signed under Qiriwire management with a debut single to be anticipated. 
2 Friendz born Ohakwajibe Chukwudi Kyrian hails from Orsu local government Area in Imo state and has been in the music industry for a while,  he has traveled states and countries in search of greener pastures, once an okada rider amongst all his other hustles now rolling with one of the newest top artiste management company in West Africa, Qiriwire recently posted "Welcome on board @2friendzCeleboi, we look forward to a long lasting work relationship"...
Looking forward to producing one of Africa's biggest star, with time 2friendz will carve a nest for himself in the A List recognised artistes circle.

Here is a little chat with 2 friendz by @Africanaview.

@Africanaview: Tell us what inspired your name.

@2friendzCeleboi: Ok let me tell you a short story, I was actually born with a sliver spoon and lost it due to something I can't discuss now, no body to help or give me hope in life even families and friends turn there back on me.  I grew up  in ajegunle life was really hard and all I wanted was to be happy and music gave me that, music made me happy singing makes me happy. Started singing at the age of 12 and most times because of how loud I sound on the streets​ while singing, some people think that am a mad little boy. Then I met a friend called 2flex and we formed a group called 2friendz, he later left and went solo because he felt he was a better singer so I kept the name, it's like my life journey and my new partner now is my music so its me and my music.

@Africanaview: wow that was touching, so what is your drive towards music?

@2friendzCeleboi: Happiness drives me,  the situation of things around me and life motivates me. 
@Africanaview: So who are your mentors and why?

@2friendzCeleboi: At my early stage i listened to daddy showkey and recently i picked interest in timaya's music but I love baba 70th fela's music, gives me hope.

@Africanaview: Ok so tell us, where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

@2friendzCeleboi: I can't Phantom it but I know it will be a level where some people will say "is this not Chukwudi of yesterday"? A place of good heath, long life and unstoppable progress.

@Africanaview: Hmm that's good stuff, ok now if I say give a word of motivation towards making a successful step in life, what will you say?

@2friendzCeleboi: I will say nothing good comes easy, life itself is not a bed of roses​ so always be positive, focus and determination​ will get you where you are meant to be, pray and don't give up. 2friendz say so.

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Call: +2348070774994
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