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Do you ever feel so worthless? Or like a piece of ship when people around you are doing better than you? I know how it feels, it’s hard.  
Having no opportunities around you makes you look talentless, I mean, there are things you wanna try of course but you have no idea of going about it and it gets really hard when no one wants to help you out.

This makes one looks like a no good and consequently leads to cases like depression, mental breakdowns and even addiction to substances!. This is the typical life of so many youngsters battling with what they want to make out of the life that has been given to them.

As painful as it is, suicide is now on the list as so many people taking to the social media to live stream their own death. Why?!  When you try so hard to be the best but then you are being faced with setbacks and limits, you just feel the world is moving past you and you are being left behind, much worse, you feel empty.

 This makes you feel the worthlessness and in turn leads to depression and all. What you need to know is that we are not necessarily put in the best position to make the best decisions, for this reason, you can’t be hard on yourself for whatever cards you are currently given. The first step you have to take in turning this card is discovering who you really are.

Who are you? What are your potentials? What is your purpose? These are questions you need to figure out to be able to break free from depression and achieve your goals in life.
The best way to be motivated is to believe in yourself because it’s what you think about yourself  that really matters, you can’t judge yourself based on what other people think of you. Believe me, whether you’re doing good or bad some people will still try to bring you down simply because they don’t like you and the only way they can succeed is when you give in to what they say.

The point is each and every person in life has a purpose and the only person that can stop you from fulfilling your purpose is you! What you think of yourself regardless of what other people think of you is what
really matters. You are beautiful! You are wonderful! And there’s purpose for you being here! Believe it then you can fulfill it.        
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