At 60, Aregbesola Remains Dagunro

The Yoruba cultural heritage is extremely rich; the diversity and ingenuity of the language spoken, our sumptuous delicacies and cuisine, the panegyrics of each families, archaeologically transformed tradition, the intellectual residual knowledge spreading our sovereignty across the African continent to the Caribbean’s, Asia, European countries and many part of the North American speaking people. Research and discoveries have proven that the evolution of modern science in pharmaceutical exploration have its root in the beneficial classification of plants in Yoruba. 
How best do you explain that Beans can be transformed into 13 edible consumables, the economic wealth attached to the palm tree remains the exclusive preserve of our ancestors. Botanical nature of the bitter leaf is superb: over 100 ailments can be cured by it. Take a closer look at the vegetables; the leafy component of Dagunro (Alternanthera nodiflora) is another awesome testimony of mankind; highly versatile, colourful, mullti-purpose in therapeutic value and sharp tooth edges and pointed tips from where it derives the name thorny hogweed, do you know, the older the Dagunro plant is, the more mysteriously potent and effective it becomes. You dare not out of your insatiable desire eat Dagunro, the same way you have swallowed other vegetables
Figuratively speaking, the physical size of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola may not be too appealing and convincing as his fragility and unassuming simplicity connote such but his potential for greatness, native intelligence, and patriotic zeal for excellence, deep insight and thorough research in terms and search for knowledge is second to none. He is a natural embodiment of talents; his eyes are always gazed on his set goals without any form of distraction, a workaholic being who doesn’t settle for earthly gratification of sorts. He is overtly and covertly prepared for the governance of the state of Osun, one of the very reasons why his magical touch on any aspect of his key cardinal programmes contained in the 6 integral action plans for the electorates is always epoch-making and extra ordinary, the talk of the nation. You cannot compare Dagunro with any other plant.
Engineer Oluremi OMOWAIYE writes from Osogbo 

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