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The lonely man searches desperately for who to converse with and more importantly understands him but couldn't find anyone. He yearns for an understanding partner but all to no avail.
Loneliness is commonly used to describe a negative emotional state experienced when there is a difference between the relationships one wishes to have and those one perceives one has.
The unpleasant feelings of loneliness are subjective; researchers have found loneliness is not about the amount of time one spends with other people or alone. It is related more to quality of relationships, rather than quantity. A lonely person feels that he or she is not understood by others, and may not think they hold meaningful relationships.This may sometimes makes him feel insecure as he may be perceived as a weird person in society.
One common consequence is that the lonely person feels emptiness is his soul, that feeling that he might be living in vain. He asks himself questions like; what exactly is my purpose? Am I a product of a screw-up? What can I do with my life? And, Why was I born?! The last question happens to be the most dangerous of all as it could lead to positive or negative actions, and one prominent negative is depression which commonly leads to SUICIDE!
Despite the negative effects of loneliness, it can hardly be considered abnormal. It is a most normal feeling. Everyone feels lonely sometimes—after a break-up with a friend or lover, when we move to a new place, when we are excluded from some social gathering.
Chronic loneliness is something else entirely. It is one of the surest markers in existence for maladjustment. When a lonely person decides to bask in his own loneliness, such person may be hard to build any sort of connection and relationship with. He takes solace in himself alone and becomes dangerously unpredictable.
From his low end he makes decisions which may be negative or positive but one sure thing is for sure you may not be ready for this person as he does the unexpected.
He is not invincible! He ain't made out of steel either, he is just human, but a completely different human as his loneliness has taken a toll from his soul.

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