Disgrace: Man Shares Video Of Mud Houses with Prepaid Meters in Ghana while Nigeria Struggles

Amidst the multitude of criticism that is been constantly thrown in the direction of the electricity generation and distribution companies for failing to fulfil their mandate, a video has surfaced online that will only add fuel to the fire of growing public resentment for these power supply companies.
The video shows, as clear as the light of day, mud buildings in Ghana all installed with pre-paid electricity meters. The person who recorded a video
The person (evidently a Nigerian), decried the decrepit state of things in his motherland; a fact that is not only true but is worsening by the day.
This brings to light the apparent failings of these companies in their inability to supply adequate power supply as well as the means to regulate the direct supply to Nigerian households (and also to prevent them from overcharging based on estimates that could be manufactured).

See the video below

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