Inconvertible Grasp by Sophie Lawal

Ever wondered how it sweet it could have been if everyone stand to create a better today and a marvelous tommorow? Rather than to stay hidden at a dark corner waiting for the precious angel that would emerge and save from the drought we put ourselves in?
Most time the thoughts that consumes my mind majourly are on when we would start standing up for something rather than just laying around giving complaint without having anything to do to that thing we do complain on, it breaks my mind to watch people grumbling on what the government is suppose do and what not! Not understanding the fact that we are the government.
 For so long, we have forgotten how to make things happen, we only recall how to express resentment towards things not done properly and sometimes we are in that position to do that thing right! I see people soar and fall causr they get tired or they don't want to and truly that's where our power comes from. If we stand for something together the result would be incomprehendbly rather than just sitting around condemning what one can't do.
 Empowering of one another is a massive tool to build a nation rather than complaining of hardship that faces the country, you have that power and you know it, yet all you do is lash out at government. You have ideas, resources and you not doing anyone any good why not get your butt up and do something?? Yeah! The right thing.
 Why not put something worthwhile on the table rather than blasphemy! Am not facing you without finance or ideas but if you are part of the "condemners" then bring something too, if you have something worth it, put it down, meet people, talk to people, we can't just sit around waiting! The wait won't be over am telling you.
 Let's face reality, peoople give different perception of our economy but all they can give is an just that conscious talk, they just say and wait till something positive comes in, you don't need to be famous before you can fo something benefitting for your nation, you don't have to be rich to start-up something good that would lead you to greatness, start from helping for family survive during this drought then the nation. Am not in support of treacherous acts but i definitely support good government which begins with you and I. What we fight for is definitely what we become.
 One can't just sit and watch, while waiting for a great nation, we have to fight and stand for something, cause if we don't fight for something we would most fall for anything! Don't just sit and complain, take actions. Today's action determines Tomorrow's greatness.

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