Kidnapper Caught Red-Handed In Gbagada

A kidnapper was caught yesterday in Gbagada as he attempted to abduct an eleven month old baby, who was left in care of her grandmother in a packed vehicle.
According to reports, the man made an attempt to kidnap the toddler while the mother of the child dashed off to buy meat close the Harvesters Church, leaving her grandmother and the baby in the car with the engine running. It took the intervention of a brave soldier who chased the abductor on his bike, to foil the kidnapped and effect his arrest.
Narrating the incident to Eyes Of Lagos, an eye witness said the woman parked along the road and left the baby and her granny inside the car with the car engine running to buy meat at the roadside along Gbagada Expressway. The kidnapper entered the car, pulled the granny out of the car and drove off with the baby inside.
Fortunately, a soldier who was passing by, immediately took a bike to run after him. This led to multiple accidents on the road and the car stopped working. So the kidnapper decided to lock himself and the baby inside the car in the middle of expressway but area boys came to the rescue of the baby.” 
The abductor was apprehended by residents and immediately taken to Pedro Police station, Shomolu.

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