Phyno threatened pulse over Pia Mia controversy - Am coming for you dead ass

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After the recent controversies over Phyno song I am fan being stolen by an American Pop singer Pia mia , PulseNg took to the media to write on a story that was not confirmed blaming Phyno producer as the culprit behind the controversy and claiming that the American pop singer didn't steal phyno songs I am fan . Phyno took to the social media to issue out is first warning to pulseng for posting a story that the source wasn't confirmed ,recently again Phyno share  this on twitter and issued a big threat to Pulseng who has deleted the post of the news from their blog.
Phyno tweet : So pulse have rushed and delete the post from their blog.. Smh .. Don't worry I hav d screenshots .. Am coming for u.. Dead ass

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