Woman narrated how God save her children from the mysterious fire that burnt down the house

It was a sad experience at area one estate adura bus stop Alagbado Lagos State when a building caught fire mysteriously and the whole house was burnt down . According to Eyes Of Lagos who confirmed from the owner of  the building narrated that around 11pm yesterday night the children came to her room that they notice something was burning in their room, i followed the children to their room but couldn't see any trace of what is burning or smelling so i told them to come and sleep in my room, not too long a big fire started inside the children's room  and it was big we all ran out and escape from the house because the fire was big we called for help from the Lagos Fire Service, but the officials didn't respond until an hour which the later had challenges entering the estate, their truck tire got stucked on the road, so they had to leave ,the house continued burning for almost 4 hours till everything was completely burnt down.

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