4years old boy found electrocuted in the sitting room by his mother in Lagos

There was confusion at Adura Abeokuta Expressway Alagbado Lagos on the 6th Of June 2017, When a little boy of 4 years old was found electrocuted in the sitting room by his mother.. According to an eyewitness who narrated to Eyes Of Lagos, told us that boy was actually in the rain playing when his mother ask him to go inside,  the boy was inside the house and he was wet. The little boy mistakenly touched a naked wire in the sitting room while playing which the boy must was electrocuted.. An Eyewitness narrated to Eyes Of Lagos that the boy have been electrocuted for a while before the mother found him, Immediately the mother saw him, She  rushed to rescue him and  he was taken to the nearest hospital close to the house but the little boy  was rejected . On their way to take the boy to another hospital , the boy gave up.

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