The Waiting, Wasteing and Blaming Generation by Stephen Akintayo.

Let Me start today's session with few rules;

11 Rules You Will Never Learn In School.

1) Life's not fair.Get Used to it.

Stop expecting life to hand you the things you think you "deserve".

2)The world doesnt care about your self esteem.

Start making something of yourself today. Right now!

3)You will not make six figure salary right after school. You will have to work hard for what you get.

4)If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you meet The Boss. If you think your Boss is tough wait till you meet your Client. .. Stephen Akintayo

5)' Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Swallow your pride and take that job you think is beneath you as a stepping stone.

6)If you mess up,It's not your parent's fault. Stop spreading blame around and take responsibility for your failures.

7)Your parent know something you don't. Perhaps, before you were born,your parents weren't as boring as they are now.

8)Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. 

The result of am exam does not justify the means. It doesn't bear the slightest resemblance of anything is real life.

9)Life is not divided into semesters.

Once life starts, it just goes on and on. So spend your time doing something worthwhile.

10)What you see on television is not real life. In real Life,people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

11)Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one. 

What are the youth waiting for? Why does an average Nigerian youth feel someone owes him and he should be favoured even without earning it. What are our ministers teaching our youth. Irresponsible faith? Irresponsible Grace? Can we continue in laziness and expect  prosperity to abound. If you are not giving a job,why not start one. If it means doing job beneath your level. It's just a stepping stone like I used to sell pop corn and was mocked but the story has changes.

It's no news that I was born poor and had my struggles through life.Lost my mother in my finals.She was our bread winner and the one responsible for feeding and my schooling all my life. Didnt pay tuition fee of some session at the University. I have sold almost anything sellable. No one was willing to mentor me in Business. No one was willing to offer me their platform to speak when I started speaking. I have sold all manner of products From Ebooks, to food supplements to pop corn etc. I have failed in many busineses. My first attempt to get a job. I wrote 100 CV's and drop 3copies with non willing to offer me a job before I changed my mind to pursue the businesses. I had to return to some of the busineses i was doing on campus when i got to the 3rd place to deliever my CV.

Today we are counting 18Companies with Billions in Real Estate asset. Just one question; what's your excuse?

Your challenges might be Less or more than the ones I faced but still you have no excuse. 

Excuse is the food of failure while challenges are the food of champions.

Nigerian youth must stop waiting to be politicians. Take 2019 election by Force. I AM WILLING TO SUPPORT ANY CREDIBLE YOUTH SEEKING ELECTIVE POST IN 2019. GOWON, OJUCKWU , OBASANJO, IBB and their generation where not given Nigeria to rule, THEY TOOK IT! Learn to take what you want in life. No one will give you anything you are not ready to die for.Even if  You loose the primary. The Audacity to run would have inspired someone and that's an achievement. Stop measuring all achievements in Naira and kobo. Some things in life have to be fought for, yet the result will not bring money but, the benefits outway money. 

We have breaded a waiting and wasting generation. We have breaded a witchcraft generation because the bible equate mourmoring and complain to witchcraft. If you don't like something, Change it. Stop complaining! Find a solution to what you see as a problem. If you decide to feel powerless and convince yourself that you can't change your situation, it's your choice to remain at the same level. Stop looking for who to blame. Recently, America's unemployment rates is among the higest in their history and it's not because their government is irresponsible. Even when we fix the political mediocrity in this nation, there is no guarantee that all of us will get job. If you dont have job, Create one by employing yourself and be sturborn to it till you have testimony. I have been sturborn with my Business ideas now for 9Years. And it pays to be consistent.

Most of the 11 Laws are works of Above rules are by Charles J. Sykes and Bill gate.

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Stephen Akintayo.

Africa's Premier Digital Marketing Consultant. And my Job is to Raise Entreprenuers in their Millions.

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