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Have you ever felt so lost? Like really lost in every aspect? Not just the literally lost everyone seems to be keen on. Lost in your soul , body, mind and all realm of life and you actually forget where you heading to cause you don't know where to turn to, how to face it, whom to face and it all looks like bizarre.
Like everything and everyone seems to be getting it and you are not at all getting that thing, cause you are too lost in your mind to think of it as something that it might actually not be yours, cause everyone is getting it doesn't mean you would but you've totally lost it. Why? Maybe what everyone is getting or having isn't for you?? Give it a thought for a second this... This ''thing'' am pursuing so hard or I want so badly is it meant for me?? But unfortunately you would have searched till you lose YOURSELF(SELF-WORTH)

It took me a real long time before I realised i had lost my self in every aspect, I indulge in part that wasn't for me, I lost myself spirituality,mentally,physicaly. Why? I wanted something that wasn't meant for me, i thought I needed it but it was just a want that I don't need, it was just a bypass, for a little period of time but little did I know, I had given it all my time, energy and whatnot!! I lived in fairy tales believing in having it,invoved in a dream the I wasn't even recognised in,what I searched for wasn't even worth my time, I had indeed gave out more vibe to those things.... It was a time of trial which I didn't even give it a self thought, I wanted the moment cause everyone around me has quite well,little did I know I had lost my self.. it wasn't until someone tell me before I knew it I lost my self and I had to figure my self out.

Figuring my self back out was outmost challenging cause the realm to fight inner peace was needed, I had to rediscover my self. During the lost time- I smiled, yh, I laughed,talked,made joke but looking deep into my eyes you would know where it lies.i lost myself while chasing after something.
 It happens in our lives dail, we lose a stick and we loose ourselves looking for that stick, it
breaks heart and we are stucked to the floor searching and searching yet we see the stick again ruined into piece and we start using gum to bring it together, But it is broken(we fail to remember) when we are unable to fix it, we hold unto that stick every night. Till we become slaves of that specific things guess what the world is above that. But You know what hon?. 

All you got to do is stand up from that stucke d up position, dust your butt and find your self. Keep going till you get YOURSELF.

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