“I am not gonna let him buy me,” — Blac chyna says, after returning jewelry, cars to Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna says that she returned the jewelry and cars that Rob Kardashian bought her after he posted explicit photos and videos of her online.
Blac chyna says
“Once he posted all these things on the Internet, I had my two assistants drive the Ferrari and the Lamborghini, and took all the jewelry back to his house. Actually, to his mother’s [Kris Jenner] house, and had it dropped off,” Chyna, 29, said during a segment on Good Morning America.
“And I also gave him back his wedding ring. Because I’m not gonna let this man buy me — or make it seem like he could just buy me and give me gifts and treat me any way, and talk to me nasty,” she added.

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