Jay Z Did Not Steal My Song! – Modenine Cries Out

Yesterday, the internet went into a frenzy upon the release of a video by ace rapper Modenine, which implied legendary rapper Jay Z, stole his song, MY SKIN IS BLACK as his [Jay Z] The Life Of OJ bears similarities to the 2008 track.
Well, the rapper has again released a new video, saying he never mentioned Jay Z stole his song that he infact got mad love for JAY-Z’s version. He further explained that both songs sampled Nina Simone‘s 1985 song “Four Women“.
He captioned the new video:
Yall bugging !! Sue me!!!! #myskinisblack #thelifeofoj
Of course his followers were divided on this as they took to the comment section to bare their thoughts:
  • lazim_th_bardWhen I first heard that sample on The Story of OJ, I was like “wtf…isn’t this Modo’s song -My Skin Is Black?” Well, I moved on not thinking seriously over that. Now, here we are!! ? Praise Be To Allah….Jay is paying!!! #MajorMoneyAlert #BankAlertWarmingUp#ForeignCurrency
  • oluwadubemI know some joints off the paradigm shift album? but I never really got my hands on it…i need it…..somebody help???…..ive been trapped with the Pentium IX? album only…..and it’s dope as hell u know?
  • dtwisted1Don’t listen to Bloggers Bro! They talk Sh**t
  • kobi_gallantno mind dem baba #MakeDemYan no look there ugly face @modenine_polimaf
  • izzohovaDis one looking for cheap attention . Go and make money and stop looking for some cheap gist from dem invisible fan of urs .. Nigga u dead and gone #nodisrespect bro…hit d studio and stop being jobless and as for you blackface abi wat did dey call u.. Lemme reserve my comment on dis one
  • djmurfieleeJAY-Z sampled in 2017 What @modenine_polimaf did in 2008! We’re always ahead of Em , in Rap and in GMT . #myskinisblack #lifeofoj
  • djmurfieleeYea! I’m aware they both sampled a song! @cixqo , my point is, @modenine_plimaf did it first N almost a decade ago.
  • thisisfeckoModo Tell ‘Em! ????
  • tef_007@izzohova Oh boy shut up . What do you know about Rap music? You do NOT insult Modenine for any reason. He is not on your level. Go learn some respect punk
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