Bonanza: Dangote Cement Rewarding Retailers

It’s has been a great time of rewards for the teeming retailers of Dangote Cement as the officials of the company have been moving from locations to locations in a carnival-like procession to deliver the products and containers to each of its winners at their business locations in the ongoing Dangote Cement Retailers Bonanza.
According to the report gathered by Eyes Of Lagos, There was brief suspension of trading activities in major markets at Mararaba main market in Ilorin, Kwara State and Jericho cement market Ibadan, Oyo State when the Dangote Cement Retailers Bonanza season two processions entered the markets with decorated truck-loads of cements for delivery to the star winners in the new promo being run by the Dangote cement Plc.
The Company had in between headed to Benin where similar deliveries were done for some six star winners, one from Auchi and the remaining five from Benin City, the Edo state capital. Each of the first star winners received 1200 bags of cement with 40 feet container, worth over N4 million while the second star winners had their winning coupons redeemed with 600 bags and 20 feet container each.
It was indeed an atmosphere of disbelief and bewilderment as the winners were taken by surprise when the team from West Region of the Dangote Cement surfaced at the markets amid ecstasy and dance to the tunes and rhythms of songs oozing from the boys’ brigade orchestra mounted on top of the cement laden trucks.
The carnival like event threw the markets into frenzy mood as other retailers and buyers joined in the dancing in celebration with the winners thus halting buying and selling momentarily in the markets as truck boys had a field day displaying their skills as some of them lifted bags of cement with their teeth.
The first port of call was the Mararaba market where the winner Retailer, Mrs. Ganiyat Abiola has her sales shop. Trading under the name of Buthayna Nigeria Limited. She purchased her winning 300 bags from an Ilorin major distributor, Mueez Afolabi. The Dangote cement procession had taken off from its Olorunsogo Mega store, a distance of about 5 km to the market. Mrs. Abiola could not hide her joy as was short words when approached for comment. It took some seconds before she was able to make a comment.
Abiola explained that it was a big surprise to her when she was called from the customer service of the Company in Lagos that she has won. Having been in the business of sale of cement as a retailer for over 30 years and had never had such an experience before, saying “You can imagine how one would feel seeing the company come with cement trucks in the full public glare to redeem the prize. I have never seen this kind of thing before, it was only Dangote who could do this because we have not been experiencing cement promo until Dangote started one last time. And this is the second one.”
While urging other retailers not on Dangote stable to switch over, Abiola expressed excitement that she could become the cynosure of all eyes in the market because she has won a promo and thanked Dangote for the gesture. “I will forever remember this, from 300 bags to 1200 bags free, this is unbelievable”, she added.
After the Ilorin presentation of prize, the Company moved to Benin where some six winners physically took deliveries of their products and containers. It would appear that a winner emerged from Edo axis every week as the six star winners emerged one after another each week respectively.
By the end of week six of the promo, Umeh Chukwu Donatus emerged winner from Auchi winning 600 bags and a 20 ft container. In Benin, winning the first prize was Mr. Nosahire Omokaro, who won 1200 bags and 40 ft container while four others, Cletus Amuno, Madam Dorothy osas, Izoduwa Isaac and Osaretin Osayi won 600 bags each with 20 ft containers.
Nosahire of the Joy Global Ventures who could not hide his joy, said, “When I heard of the promo, I prayed to God to help me and He has help me. I shouted when I was called to be told that I have won. I thank the management. Selling Dangote Cement is a serious business. The man behind it is also a serious business man. God will continue to bless him as he thinks about others. No doubt about it that Dangote Cement is the best and this they have also shown with this promo. No other cement company is doing this.”
Madam Dorothy in her own remarks said she was more than happy when told she has won. We want them to continue to run the promo since the mindset is to help small businesses grow by encouraging them.
Speaking in the same vein, Mr. Columbus Chukwu, the major distributor in Benin, from whom some of the retailers purchased the products, stated that gesture by the Dangote Cement has shown that the company was out to revive small businesses by targeting the retailers. The first promo was an eye opener, those who never believed that had to rush this one having seen that people are actually winning.
In Ibadan, the star winner, who products were taken to him at the Jericho cement market was more than overwhelmed. Mr. Gbadegoye Anthony of the Goodness and Mercy Company said he never took the caller serious when told his coupon had won bags of cement and container. It was my RO who told me to submit my coupon that I may win something. So I did and he was the one who now confirmed it to me that I have won. Initially, I took the announcement with mixed feeling and didn’t tell my wife until I was sure it was real
Sincerely, my appreciation goes to Dangote cement and Dangote himself. I do tell my friends, since I ventured into this business, about a decade ago that if Nigeria is lucky to have a man like Dangote in each of the six geo-political zones, Nigeria will be a great place to live. Dangote Cement Company made a promise and they stand by it, its’ very rare. And the team in Ibadan is so fantastic, they their job very well. I thank them.
Also witnessing the event was the Chairman of Ifesowapo Cement dealers Association, Jericho, Alh. Raheem Adesina said his association is happy with Dangote Cement. They produce quality cement and make it available everywhere. We are the ones selling cement when we talk about cement we know exactly what we are talking about. Dangote Cement has no equal.
Explaining the rationale behind the bonanza, the Dangote Cement team leader to the markets, Mrs. Funmi Sanni, who is the West Regional Sales Director, said the decision to take the products to the retailers in their respective place of trade was to prove that the bonanza was not a fluke but real and that no sacrifice is too much for the Company to bear for its retailers.
She explained that the Dangote Cement management designed the bonanza to reward it is loyal retailers and help them shore up their businesses, saying this is why it has also included containers in the winning package, saying, “We are passionate about the wellbeing of the businesses of our retailers because together with our distributors they make our own business to thrive and this is why the company thought of a way to reward them, motivate them to sell more. Only Dangote can do this in this sector, no other company. We are always a trail blazer.
“We have also made provision for containers as part of the winning package because we take seriously the issue of storage, when our retailers buy cement of up to 300 bags and wins 1200 bags, we surely need to provide where they will store it, this is what we have done with the containers and they are happy with this.”
On how the retailers won, the regional director of Dangote Cement explained that, “All they need do is to buy up to 300 bags and collect a coupon, fill it, write their name, address and phone numbers and drop in the designated collection box. Every week a draws are held to select star winners. Anyone could win the 1200 bags, 600 bag and certainly everyday some people win 10 bags of cement as consolation prizes. The winner is called on phone while the draw is going on and he or she collects from any of our stores nearest to them. But we decided to take the winnings to them wherever they are in the full public glare so that those doubting will know it is real and participate.
“We are giving out products worth N500 million and it is all for our retailers to win. They are our foot soldiers, and we are encouraging them at this time that the economy of the nation is not that friendly, to sell more and win more because the more you purchased the more the chances of winning. Each purchase qualifies each retailer to participate.”

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