Full list of Nominee for The 'Nigeria Achievers Awards' NAA 2017

“Taking 3 weeks to collate the results with over 300,000 nominations, our outstanding 6-man panel took out time to carefully scrutinize names of all the nominated candidates. Indeed it was a tough period,
short listing from the highest candidate nominated and having a final list of truly outstanding and deserving candidates in each category, who were active all through the year with outstanding performances.

Voting is billed to commence September 11th to October 2nd 2017, nominees are expected to send in their pictures or brand logo to get their customized voting design and to commensurate the award celebration is A Road Walk Campaign Against Child Molestation, Theme; Speak Out!!! All nominees are encouraged to join the movement by posting on their social media platform and to be present during the campaign for wider reach and result. Campaign T-shirts are available at N2, 500 each.

The voting stage will last through a period of three weeks and below is how you can vote for your most preferred candidate.

To Vote Your Favourite Nominee, follow the link and code of nominee via an online paid voting via interswitch.

Congratulations to all our nominees as everyone on the list is a winner
1) NAA Actor of the Year
An actor with an active and outstanding performance in the industry;

Daniel K Daniel                                               1701
Zubby Michael                                                1702
Alex Ekubo                                                       1703
Ik Ogbonna                                                      1704
Joseph Benjamin                                               1705
Ken Erics                                                         1706
2) NAA Next Rated Actor of the Year.
An actor who is emerging as a true creative force in the industry;

Enyinna Nwigwe                                       1707
Chris Okagbue                                           1708
Stan Nze                                                      1709
Emeka Okoye                                                     1710
Sambasa Nzeribe                                              1711
Kunle Remi                                                          17188

3) NAA Actress of the Year
An actress with an active and outstanding performance in the industry;

Nuela Njibigbo Chikere                                1712
Funke Akindele                                                1713
Nse Etim                                                             1714
Mercy Aigbe                                                      1715
Sotayo Sobola                                                   1716
Omoni  Oboli                                                      1717

4) NAA Next Rated Actress Of The Year.
An actress who is emerging as a true creative force in the industry;

Chinoso Young                                                 1718
Mary Lazarus                                                    1719
Beverly Naya                                                    1720
Adunni Ade                                                        1721
Collete Nwadike                                              1722
Chizzy Alichi                                                     1723

5) NAA Next Rated Artist Of the Year.
A true creative force in the industry taking over soonest;
Cameey                                                               1724
Myro                                                                     1725
Joel                                                                        1726
Skibii                                                                    1727
Aramide                                                              1728

6) NAA Fast Rising Artist of the Year.
An artist who is emerging as a true creative force in the industry;
Akaycentric                                                   1729
Diamond David                                            1730
 Icekiddy                                                         1731
Joe Amani                                                         1732
Wavy (The Creator)                                      1733    
Slyken                                                                  17187  

7) NAA Commercial Model of the year.
Extinguished to adequate elegance;
Melvin Orji                                                         1734
Bryan Okwara                                                  1735
Damola Cruz                                                     1736
Emeka Darlington                                        1737
Joseph Momodu (ABK)                               1738

8) NAA Next Rated TV Personality of the year;

Earniewhine(Museontv)                                             1739
Kimoprah Oparah (TV Personality)                       1740
Champion Mike Onyekwelu (TV Personality)  1741
Mimi Koka( Host Warri works)                               1742
Akunna Nworgu of WAPTV                                       1743

9) NAA Fashion Designer of the Year [Male]
Creative mind that uses the work of creativity to spell out fashion;

Yomi Casual                                                      1744
Damilar Couture                                             1745
Sammielle Couture                                        1746
Jreason                                                                              1747
9ja Urban Clothing                                      1748
10) NAA Fast Rising Fashion Designer Of The Year [Male]
A designer who is emerging as a true creative force in the fashion world;

Nitazcouture                                                     1749
Nala ekenUMBO                                              1750
Thehouseofvesta                                            1751
Dammy hillz                                                     1752
11) NAA Fashion Designer Of The Year [Female]
Creative mind that uses the work of creativity to spell out fashion;
Moofa  Designs                                 1753
Celebrityqueen-Da Couture                       1754
Nhn_Couture                                                     1755
Teekay House of Fashion                            1756
Ejiro Amos Tafiri                                            1757
12) NAA Fast Rising Fashion Designer Of The Year [Female]
 A designer who is emerging as a true creative force in the fashion world;
Touch Of SAS (TOS)                                      1758
Jordan Smith Collection                               1759
Judann Clothing                                               1760
Tradmagic Affrique                                       1761
Vianzy                                                                  1762
Beauline Designs                                             1763

13) NAA Model Of The Year [Male]
A male model with an outstanding carriage and runway walk that makes
Every brand looks its best;

King Drille                                                          1764
Kingsley James                                                1765
Oluwatuyi Samson Odunayo                     1766
Sam mario                                                        1767

14) NAA Model of the Year [Female]
A female model with an outstanding carriage and runway walk that makes
every brand look its best;

Precious Nekky                                               1768
Bisochie- Abisola Selawu                            1769
Onyinye Ilechukwu                                       1770
Precious Ajie                                                     1771
Bukola Johnson                                               1772
Angel Samuda Samuel                  1773
15) NAA Modelling Agency of the Year
Go out of fashion to become fashion, Go out of style to become style;

Ellas Modelling Agency                                                1773
Creat your world agency                                             1774
Dukes,Models&magazine agency                            1775
Fashion promoter agency                                           1776
Pillars and Pride Africa                                                1777
Monnel Modelling Agency                                          1778
16) NAA Beauty Queen of the Year.
A Queen who innovate and was extremely relevant and active during her reign;

Queen Nancy Inyama (Queen Of Aso World)                    1779
Judith Okwunodo (Miss Ambassador for Peace)             1780    
Queen Ogenna Ekwubiri (Miss Tourism Nigeria)            1781
Queen Winifred Uduimoh (The Nigeria Queen)               1782
Queen Esther Zamani (Face of Democracy)                      1783

17) NAA Pageant King of the Year.
A King who innovate and was extremely relevant and active during his reign;

Mueyiwa Omatsola (Mr Universe Nigeria)                         1784
Daniel Ufeh Abua ( Mr Tourism Nigeria)                             1785
Stanley Amadi (The Nigerian King International)            1786
Anthony Erico (Mr Nigeria International)                          1787
Prince Ehirim ( Mr Ideal Nigeria )                                          1788
Jackson Efoagui (Nigerian King)                                              1789

18) NAA Supportive Blog of the Year.
A blog that promotes entertainment and brings it to your fingertips;

Celebrity watch                                                                               1790
Xpressafrica                                                                                      1791
Cheche Fashion Nation                                                                1792
Naijabase                                                                                            1793
Stella Dimokoku                                                                             1794
Nollywood Palava blog                                                                               1795
JustPromoters                                                                               17190

19) NAA Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year [Male]
A Prominent mind that recognizes the business opportunities in fashion
& has creatively established himself in the fashion industry;

Ayotunde Twitch (Ceo Mr&Miss Ideal Nigeria)                                1796
Santiago Roberts (Ceo Miss Tourism Nigeria)                                  1797
Brendan Nsikak (Ceo Mr&Miss Nigeria International)                  1798
Chuks Anusionwu (Ceo Mr Tourism Nigeria)                                    1799
Kingsley Agboola (Ceo Queen of Aso Nigeria)                                17100
Delytsome Emmanuel Umana (CEO - Starzz Entertainment)   17101

20) NAA Fashion Entrepreneur of The Year [Female]
A Prominent mind that recognizes the business opportunities in fashion
and has creatively established herself in the fashion industry;

Ebube Nwagbo (Ceo PoshHair)                                                                                               17102
Daniella Chioma Okeke(Ceo Dope Accessories& Dcovi Entertainment Ltd )           17103
Vivian Lam (Ceo Face of Democracy Nigeria)                                                                 17104
Iyabo Ojo (Fesprisworld Beauty & Spa)                                                                               17105
Sandra Odige (Ceo Lamode magazine)                                                                                17106

21) NAA CEO of the year (Male)

Idris Olorunninbe(Temple Mangt Company )                                                                   17107
Terrence Benjamin Chukwu(CEO Skye fly Innovation Ltd)                                       17108
Monday Imhayelia (CEO Monnel modeling agency)                                                      17109
Emmanuel Abazu (CEO Fourwall Magazine)                                                                    17110

22) NAA CEO of the year (Female);

Maryam Elisha (CEO Rikaoto by me)                                                                                   17111
Bukola Lawal ( CEO Toosh me beauty&spa)                                                                     17112
Ehizogie Ogbebor (CEO Sayaveth interiors&Hotel)                                                       17113
Tara Adesemowo (CEO Taries Beauty World)                                                                17114

23) NAA Student CEO of the Year;

Doyin Ajala(Ceo Moza Books&House of Beda)                                                               17115
Okenono Mercy (Ceo Sparkles Concept)                                                                             17116
Tina Awuse                                                                                                                         17117
24). NAA Pageant Event of the year;

Miss Ambassador for peace                                                                                                       17119
Miss Tourism Nigeria                                                                                                                  17120
Mr&Miss Nigeria International                                                                                                17121
Sis oge                                                                                                                                          17122
The Nigeria Queen                                                                                                                       17123
Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria                                                                                                 17124
Face of Democracy                                                                                                                      17125

25) NAA Next Rated Director of the year;

Type Simon peacemaker                                                                                                            17126  
Tope Alake                                                                                                                                    17127
Don Single Ndubuisi                                                                                                                    17129
Chris Enegi                                                                                                                                   17130  
Best Okoduwa                                                                                                                              17131
Dir Chinedu Ben                                                                                                                          17132
Sadiq Sule                                                                                                                                     17133

26) NAA Outstanding Beauty Queen of the year;

Queen Amaka Favour (Queen of Tourism Nigeria)                                                        17134  
Queen Onyinye Ilechukwu  (Face of Candy City Nigeria)                                            17135
Queen Yetunde Barnabas (MBGA)                                                                                          17136
Princess Joy Agbozi - (Miss Popularity Nigeria)                                                               17137
Queen Isabella Okafor ((Miss Fashion Nigeria)                                                                17138
Queen Confidence Bankong - (Most Beautiful Queen in Nigeria)                              17139
Queen Adaeze Okoro (MEGN Universe)                                                                              17140

27) Next Rated Entrepreneur of the year;

Vivian Nnebedumv( CEO Vianzy)                                                                                           17141
Chuks Golden Benye(CEO D.Sinatra Ent)                                                                            17142
Osavbie Eric Mr Pet (CEO Fashion Promoters)                                                                     17143
Nala ekenUMBO (CEO Nala Clothing)                                                                                   17144
Duke Bassey (CEO DM Modelling Agency)                                                                         17145
Peejay (CEO Peejaylinkz Concept)                                                                                         17146

28) NAA Entertainment brand of the year;
Kingsville Agency/Media Group                                                                                              17147
Qhue Concepts                                                                                                                              17148
ActorsUnleashed                                                                                                                       17149  
Scoops                                                                                                                                          17150

29) NAA Makeup artist of the year
An individual that creatively uses makeup to redefine beauty;

Thelma Ozy Smith(Lipneyesmakeup)                                                                                  17151
Bukola Lawal (Tooshe me)                                                                                                     17152
Jasanya Adetutu Bolaji (Avatar Makeover)                                                                        17153
Abah Innocent(Innocent Touch Empire)                                                                            17154
Ogonna Julius Uba (Ogonna Julius Uba)                                                                               17155
Ifeoluwa  Abiola Ogundare(Beautymakeovers)                                                               17156

30) NAA Outstanding Comedian of the year;

An individual with a great creative mind, who brings out best in
Comedy on different platform;

Mc Shaggi                                                                                                                                     17157
Buchi                                                                                                                                              17158
Aje Baba                                                                                                                                        17159
 Bow Joint                                                                                                                                     17160
Mc Shakara                                                                                                                               17161

31) NAA Next Rated Movie Producer of the year;

Judith Audu                                                                                                                                 17162
Mrs Oby Uzoukwu (Obyliousempire studios)                                                                  17163
Jude Orhorha                                                                                                                              17164
Henry Obidi                                                                                                                                 17165
Philomena Eriabe                                                                                                                    17166
Ijeoma Richard                                                                                                                          17167

32) NAA Role Model of the year (Beauty Queens; Ex & Reigning) A Queen
Who innovate and became a symbol of inspiration and an icon herself;

Lydia Tomi Salami (CEO Aurora/TV Host)                                                                        17168
Queen Akudo (Miss Nigeria)                                                                                                      17169
Queen Collete Nwadike (Exquisite Face of the world)                                                 17170
Queen Nkem (Miss ideal Nigeria)                                                                                            17171
Queen Mercy Atang (Miss Nigeria International)                                                             17172

33) NAA Fast rising Comedian of d year;

Tmo talkative                                                                                                                               17173
Holly face                                                                                                                                   17174  
Da Preacher                                                                                                                                 17175
Mc Anoti                                                                                                                                      17176  
Bizzy mouth                                                                                                                               17177

34) NAA Talent Management Company of the year; Talent company who has
Discovered, nurtured and established talents on the right platforms;

Temple Management Company                                                                                               17178
Eletu Concepts                                                                                                                             17179
Champions family international                                                                                              17180
Evablazing Entertainment                                                                                                         17181

35) NAA Celebrity Of the year
Current celebrities in Nigeria at the moment who through their
Performances, impact and popularity has seen their fortune skyrocket
Due to endorsement deals, assets, collaborations and their brand worth and has influence lives positively;

Funke Akindele                                                                                                                        17182
Omoni oboli                                                                                                                               17183
Chika Ike                                                                                                                                      17184
Mercy Aigbe                                                                                                                            17185
Flavor                                                                                                                                        17186

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