The tortoise and the sheep by alphonso olasumbo

      Once upon a time in the wonderland of animals tortoise became friends with the gentle and humble sheep.The tortoise was always looking for someone to use for his selfish ends.
One day, having gained the confidence of the sheep, the tortoise told the sheep that there was abundant food ready for the taking in the forest of opoounje,a fact that was unknown to most animals.The sheep was very happy as there was a mild farmine in the wonderland of animals.
He told the sheep that they would take a big sack which both of them would fill with delicious fruits.They would share the fruits when they got home.The Sheep was very happy and so agreed to go with the tortoise.
They set out very early the next day for the forest of opoounje with the sack and a big jar of water which tortoise told the sheep they would need for sustenance on their way.The tortoise on the way having walked a few feet was requested for water was empty before they got to the forest.
 Soon,they got to the forest of opoounje and true to the words of the tortoise,there were abundant fruits.And so they began to gather but tortoise was always looking for ways of doing little and gaining much,so he told the sheep that he was having stomach upset and wanted to go and answer nature's call.He went away and Left the sheep alone to finish the gathering, unknown to the tortoise the sheep came prepared.The sheep had brought an extra identical bag which he quickly filled with rotten fruits and stones.He dragged the bag of good fruits and kept it  well hidden.
 Shortly after, the tortoise came back and sent the sheep on a fools errand to go and fetch water for their return journey.He warned the sheep not to fetch water from the near by stream which he claimed was dedicated to orisanla, the Creator of all beings.
The sheep went humbly and obediently in search of the water. Having​ confirmed that the sheep had gone far and out of earshot,he dragged away the bag of fruits and kept it well hidden and waited patiently for the sheep to return.On hearing the heavy footsteps of the sheep crushing the fallen dry leaves in the forest the tortoise began to wail very loudly , jumping and tossing himself up and down.
 The sheep replied saying"please let me die,oooooooh".the sheep pleaded and pleaded before the tortoise told him that Lion the king of the jungle met him there and took away the bag of fruits and that he was lucky to still be alive. And as there was no extra bag they had to go home without fruits make do with what they could eat. The sheep accepted and so they went home.
The sheep took another path and retrieved his bag of hidden fruits and tortoise did likewise.
On getting home,each opened his bag of bounties and tortoise on discovering that his own bag was filled with Stones and rotten fruits stormed out of his house and rushed down to the sheep's house having forgotten the pranks he played on the sheep.He met the sheep sorting his bounties and his family enjoying a delicious meal.

   The tortoise shouted "You rogue, cheat, thief, how come the bag of fruits become a bag of Stones and rotten fruits?" And the sheep replied "Ha hahahahaha, you fool, how  come the lion become the tortoise?".and so the family of the sheep pushed out the tortoise from their home and the tortoise went back home angry and hungry. 


1.some people you consider foolish may turn out to be wiser than you think.
2. Cunningness is never wisdom.
3. Gentility is never foolishness
4. Never judge an egg by it's shell 
5.Honesty pays it Should be our best virtue.

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written by  © Alphonso Olasumbo, 2017.

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