A Serving Nigerian Youth Corper was robbed and victimized by some army in Edo State

Accordingly to an Eyewitness who narrated to Eyes Of Lagos told us and also sent us a picture of corper that's a victim of a bad incident that almost cost her life. The information got to us that the corp member serving in Holy Trinity Grammar Sabongoda Ora, Owan West Local Govt.. Edo State were all robbed and she was the only one injured. I was also told that this is the 3rd robbery incident that happened in that particular school within 2 month. My wish is for Nysc to stop the deployment of corpers to that school. She claimed that some army robber robbed her ,during the break she went to her lodge i.e snake lodge to eat while eating those guy knocked and ask of a corper, she open the door for the person, Immediately the other gang forced theirself in and they started beating her by grabbing her neck, after this, they use hammer and axe on her, They took her phone also and they escaped while she was shouting... Pls safe Edo corpers ooo

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