Niger Delta Terrorists Sing Discordant

Former Niger Delta militant leader, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo, and nine militant groups from the nine states of the region are engaged in a row over the sponsorship and motive behind the renewed threat by the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) to attack oil facilities in the region.
The coalition of militants groups under the auspices of Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) described as untenable and selfishly motivated the decision by the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) to pull out of the ceasefire with the federal government and resume fresh attacks in the region tagged ‘Operation Red Economy’.
It alleged that Tompolo and his followers are behind the plot to use NDA to distabilise the region.
But Tompolo ‎who is also the Ibe-ebidouwei of Ijaw Nation denied the allegation, insisting that instead of listening to falsehood, the federal government should focus on trending issues in the polity, particularly restructuring and true federalism, among others.
‎ In a statement issued yesterday by his media consultant, Mr. Paul Bebenimibo, Tompolo noted that nothing will make him resort to destruction of oil facilities he once protected in a contractual arrangement.
The statement made available to Eyes Of Lagos  reads: “Ordinarily, we would have ignored these media statements by these so called avengers and reformed avengers because it is not a new tactics by these groups in bringing Tompolo’s name to whatever thing that happens in the Niger Delta region because of his legal battle with the government.
“Let it be stated at this point that Tompolo is not the only person having legal issues with the present government. Let us also state here that these accusations do not take away the fact that our dear country is in a crossroad.
“Eminent Nigerians have repeatedly said in recent time that Nigeria has never been divided like this since her independence in 1960. It is our sincerely advice to the government to urgently address the issues that are trending in the country’s political domain”.
The statement further noted: “The Restructuring/True Federalism, Participation of Niger Deltans in the oil industry, the Ogoni clean-up campaign, relocation of the headquarters of the International Oil Companies, Establishment of Modular Refineries, Resumption of academic activities in the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenkoko, and so on, are very germane issues that the government needs to address now, so as to shame mischievous elements in the polity.
“We wish to reiterate our earlier stand that nothing will make Tompolo to resort to destruction of oil facilities, he once protected in a contractual arrangement. Those that have ears let them hear!”
‎In a separate statement it earlier issued after an enlarged meeting in the creek of Bini River in Egbema area of Delta State on Sunday Night, the coalition of militant groups described the NDA threats as “personal and greedy.
The Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) also refuted claims that it is sponsored by the APC administration.
The militant groups said instead, it is involved in the campaign against the use of the contentious issues of the region for selfish gains.
The statement signed by Major General Johnmark Ezonebi, also known as Obama, stated: ‎”RNDA wish to state categorically that the so called High Command of the Niger Delta Avengers NDA is no other person than Tompolo who is presently under a wanted list is hiding in the creek for sins against the region by using the struggle to empower himself and his immediate family and few cronies.
“And the self-acclaimed spokesperson of NDA known as Major General Murdock Agbinibo is no other person than the three apostles of Tompolo who have deserted their Warri homes and are on the run with their master who is using the name of Niger Delta struggle to empower himself and his family alone to the detriment of the long neglected people of the Niger Delta region.
“RNDA wants to state that if any form of attack or destruction of oil pipelines and oil facilities happen in the creek of Delta State due to this shameless threat of statement by the so called Niger Delta Avenger’s formed and coordinated by Tompolo and his cohorts, the people of Gbaramatu should hold Tompolo responsible for any harm or damage that the people will face in the wake of this and also the federal government and the people of the Niger Delta region should hold Mr Tompolo, Chief Clark, one Dr mulade, the self acclaim coordinating secretary of disbanded PANDEF and the members of PANDEF responsible, with the likes of chief Anabs Sara-Igbe who is collaborating with Chief Clark to use PANDEF as a money making venture to seek financial assistance and support from people, NDDC and oil companies in the region”.
RNDA stated that it will not use the struggle of Niger Delta to be trading for personal gains and family enrichment to the detriment of the long neglected people of the Niger Delta region.
It continued: “RNDA members used to be the foot soldiers of Tompolo who carried out well coordinated and deadly attacks on oil facilities across the entire Niger Delta region right from the days of “Camp Five” even to the days of Avengers but we had to draw the line when we discovered that the struggle was been personalised for selfish gains even when some of our dedicated fighters had paid the supreme price for the region.
“Tompolo is presently counting his losses as the federal government had frozen his accounts and that of some of his cronies as well as some properties forfeited that were gotten through fraudulent business transaction with NIMASA. I wish to state that the statement by NDA is clearly “the hand of Esau and the voice of Jacob” because of the way the federal government had treated PANDEF following the withdrawal of mandate by militants from the group mainly made up of failed politicians and national treasury looters wish her his cohorts.
“Tompolo is seeking cheap relevance from the Buhari led APC federal government through the Niger Delta Avengers NDA statement that it would resume fresh attacks in the Niger Delta region but I want to remind him that the time had changed far beyond his reach as this was not the Jonathan administration where he held sway in the south south and Niger Delta region for his personal gains”.

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