Before Buhari came to power and now

Before Buhari came to power:

I was buying a bag of rice N7,500 but later N23,000. Now N16,000. They said its for my own good, that local farmers are now very rich!
I was buying a bag of Semo N1,550 but later N3400. They said it is just to ensure food sufficiency!

I was buying fuel at N87 per liter, but later N145. Now currently selling from N280-400 They said it is just a temporal hardship for the nation to move on!

I was paying 1,000 NEPA Bill, but later N5,000, they said it is to ensure steady electricity!

I was buying a pack of sugar at N250 but now N500. They said I should thank God for this government!

Sanusi raised alarm about missing $20 billion during GEJ administration, later reduced it to $10 billion, the nation was agog. Under Buhari, Kachukwu raised alarm of misappropriation of $26 billion, no reduction but he was asked to go and reconcile with Baru and story ends!
Naira was 178 to $1 under GEJ administration ,but under Buhari administration it went up to N500 to $1 and now exchanging for over N306 to $1 and we are told the economy is the focus of this government!
HoS raised alarm that my president was aware of Maina's return but choses to be quiet, no denial, yet, no reason was given to Nigerians for that!

We used to have presidential media chat in which d president keeps citizens abreast with what's happening, we only had it once under this administration and no reason is given for the alienation of the citizens!

Almost 3 years gone, no single project has been commissioned under a government that has the highest history of budget in Nigeria!

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