Why Nigerians Living In London Are Returning Home

London to Lagos: why Repats are making the move
BBC Minute's Hannah Ajala is a British-born Nigerian. She wanted to explore the idea of young Nigerians living in the UK returning 'home'. When she posted the question on her social media, she got hundreds of responses from 'repats' - people who return to their country of origin - considering the move.

Yewande Osamein, The TV presenter: 'I always yearned to be part of Nollywood'

TV presenter Yewande Osamein has moved back to Nigeria from the UK because it offered her more exciting job opportunities.
She's been in Lagos for almost two years; there's been some tough times but now she says doesn't want people to know she grew up in England because she wants to blend in. 
She told BBC Minute the only thing she'd come back to the UK for is McDonald's.

The musician: 'Moving back ... is a calling, something that I have to do'

Nigeria has produced some of the world's most famous musicians like Fela Kuti and Wizkid, now saxophonist and singer Sahvannah Amaka wants to follow in their footsteps. She hopes to leave the UK and move to Lagos to pursue her music career. She says she's ready for any culture shocks which might get thrown at her.

The lawyer: 'Nigeria is buzzing, there's a lot happening'

Lawyer Aji Ayorinde is considering swapping his life in London for Lagos. The 25-year-old left Nigeria when he was two but is thinking about returning home in the future. Aji told BBC Minute Britain isn't seen as preferable to Nigeria anymore and he wouldn't lose money by moving.

The business coach: 'The community spirit is a lot better'

Business coach Stephanie Onwunali was born in Nigeria. She moved to the UK for 10 years and is now back in Nigeria for good. In the next episode of our "Repats series", she tells us about not truly feeling at home in the UK and how the decision to move back is working out for 

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