Container Crushes Keke Napep In Agege

A container fell off a truck and landed on a tricycle popularly known as Keke Napep at Agege community, Lagos Mainland, earlier today, Monday, June 4, 2018.
It was gathered that the incident occurred inward the popular Agege Stadium, Pen Cinema with the Keke Napep completely shattered in the process.
Sources told Eyes Of Lagos that no live was lost in the incident as the Keke was parked by the roadside with the driver calling on passengers to board.
It was learnt that a distress call was immediately made to the officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) who mobilized rescue officers to the scene to tend to the situation.
The container was subsequently removed from the scene to aid free flow of traffic in the axis.
Meanwhile, the situation has led to mixed reactions from social media users who took to various platforms to air their thoughts on the development.
According to a witness who narrated to Eyes Of Lagos , “Truck owners and drivers should be sanctioned anytime avoidable accidents occur. Most of this trucks are either overloaded or don’t have good balance, even with that they still put them on roads to cause hazards to people going about looking for their daily bread.”
Another user, EKMike posted that: “I think it’s more better to prevent occurrences like this before we start praising the Lagos Response team. Could it be a result of bad road or the container is not firmly fastened or too heavy for the truck. Life is more precious.”
Meanwhile, Lanre, on the other hand, praised the ERT of LASEMA saying “This is serious. Kudos to the Lagos Response Unit for their quick response.”
See photos from the scene below.

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