Embracing your inner demons by Sofiat Lawal

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"It's supposed to be straight forward, easy not jumbling up or disturbing me, not so harsh on me and with lots of challenges". She said.
"That's the thought, the thought of simple things where they isn't speed bumps, and it's a free highway, no hold ups, nothing at all."
 "But, here am hitting lot of speed bumps, hold ups, it's not just going the way everything is planned, like there's a structure. I can't do this again! It's so hard, no one to turn on to, to look forward to, to share a hug with, to make a hot coffee when am so tired and never want the day to begin, cause of the incoming drought to face, so am done am giving up."
 Perceiving that's all she thinks of herself, that nagging limiting belief, like a devil on the highway awaiting your turbulence, that the first thoughts to myself. Plainly, those feelings are the additional hands that push you through the limiting belief, cause you feel you ain't good enough for people to be around.
The feeling that, you can't ever be perfect cause yeah, not everyone get setback and see other people, no speed bumps on their way way, Na! Perfection is underrated, you don't need to be perfect for things to work things out, to make it out they, all you need is just daily effort,that value you put in daily.
Everyone out there went through a thing or the other, has several setbacks to get through life, Yeah life doesn't give a shii to you, you have to tell life, yeah i know, but awesome life we gonna make it work together.
Stop having that mindset that sets you back, you have to embrace that inner demon, that demon would ignite your success, would make up your success story.
In order to get stuff done, you have to be ruthless, think big of yourself never letting YOU down cause you are your biggest fan, you have to make that cup of coffee you want daily, with a sugar of love and give a very warming love to yourself.
Starting your day by making yourself happy, making YOU a go getter and slaying your dreams, would make you that person you want to be, they are no promises of days without bumps, inshort they are going to be harder, but you can make it better all by yourself, making the days count and life better. Embrace that inner demon and bring the peace you want to your life.

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