Mainland Resident Narrates Scary Experience From SARS Officers In Yaba

The viral condemnations of the operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) over harassment, abuse of human rights and extortion of citizens seems not to be ending soon as some officials of the unit staged another illegal attack on residents in Yaba, Lagos Mainland, today, Sunday, June 3, 2018.
Eyes Of Lagos gathered that, According to the victim who shared his ordeal on social media, the officers in Gestapo style stopped speedily in front his car making the driver to forcefully apply brake which almost into an accident.
Recounting his ordeal, he said; “These criminals need to be curtailed. Coming back from church today with my 3 brothers, these people suddenly stopped speedily in front our car making us to forcefully apply brakes almost injuring the driver (my brother) in front.
“They suddenly jumped down from the car (4 of them precisely) with guns around Adekunle axis at Yaba. They started requesting we come down insisting we should open our boot and started searching our car without any just cause. Mind you, all these were going on the road.”
He continued saying: “Upon questioning their antics, they started to become violent with their words. Upon noticing this, I took the first instance in taking a picture of their car and unfortunately just two of them when they noticed this they attempted to SMASH MY PHONE.”
The victim, however, noted that he and his brothers were saved from the harassment of the officers by residents who had gathered to question the actions of the officers. “When people started gathering, they saw they’ve been overwhelmed and made an escape!
“Nigerians what if it was in the night? What if it was just me or any of my brothers in the car? What if we were not vigilant enough and they planted an illegal material in our car? What if the area was not crowded?”
He concluded saying, “what if God did not intervene!. Please, the police should make sure these people are brought to book and prevented from parading our streets claiming to be working in the interest of justice. WHY WOULD HONEST AND TRUE POLICEMEN BE MOVING AROUND IN PRIVATE VEHICLES CLAIMING TO BE ON PATROL… these questions need to be answered please.”

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