APC Chieftains Pressure Buhari To Step Down For Kingibe/tinubu

Following the massive positive feedback arising from former VP Atiku emerging as the flag bearer of the opposition PDP coupled with internal bickering and crisis instigated by gollum smeagol look alike Adams Oshiomole within the APC, President Buhari is under intense pressure from APC chieftains to step down for Baba-Gana Kingibe. The APC stalwarts reminded Buhari of dissatisfaction of his handling of Africa's largest economy by powerful western interests and power brokers not to contest the coming 2019 elections. They reminded him of his visit a few months back to London where he met western power brokers who told him point blank that they had, had enough with Buhari's compound foolishness and want him out. Buhari's purported 10-day vacation in London back in July, was believed to be a personal lobby by Buhari himself, begging his western masters to give him a second chance but feelers have it that this is all futile as the only reason the Bilderberg Group summoned him was not to request his stepping down but to rather scold him and demand he does not contest the coming elections due to his general buffoonery.

In light of this, the cabal is scrambling to present one of their own in the form of the highly despicable and degenerate Baba-Gana Kingibe. In this vain, the cabal is hoping on repeating the same feat the APC managed to achieve with a northerner and a yoruba combo and they have been searching for an afonja to run alongside Kingibe under the broom banner.

The cabal believes the ever myopic Oyoruba populace will vote a goat as long as it is tied with a yoruba adire string and that string is believed to be none other than the convicted drug peddler and serial kleptomaniac, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The cabal is insisting on having Tinubu to run along with Kingibe in what they dubbed as a repeat of the Hope '93 Presidential candidatures of MKO Abiola and the same Baba-Gana Kingibe, whom they (cabalistic vultures) claim were voted irrespective of their religious backgrounds.

The Muslim-Muslim ticket of Kingibe-Tinubu is why Tinubu paid Adeboye to ordain his lepka wife to join the Ananias and Sapphria club of fake pastors otherwise known as Redeem Church. Tinubu hopes to douse his Muslim background by claiming he is a moderate and open minded Muslim as can be seen from the fact that he is married to an ordained Redeem Church (of Moloch) pastor.
The question to ask is; will the ever sophisticated m0r0nic idiots from the blighted waste lands fall again for one of Tinubu's scams?

We will just have to wait and see what 2019 holds for us.

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